Apparel Finishes

Tag Printing

Custom printed or sewn in tags/labels are a great way to get your shirts screaming “custom” and “legit brand” right from the first impression. We recommend keeping your custom tags to one color. Some shirts are obviously thinner than others and therefore more prone to having the tag show through the backside of the shirt. To avoid this, we recommend printing your tags in a color which will minimize the “show-through” effect. Grey tends to work well on most colors.

Qty of Shirts 1 color tag removal
$5 set-up fee per size – $5 color change per size
No removal fee for shirts that come with ‘tear away’ tags. Alternative and Hanes may not work for tag removal.
12-49 $2.00 $0.25
49-99 $1.75 $0.25
100-149 $1.50 $0.25
150-299 $1.25 $0.25
300-500 $0.90 $0.25

Folding and Poly-Bagging

A great way to keep your product clean, neat, and organized is to have them folded and bagged. Your shirts will be ready to ship to your clients and you will never get them wrinkled digging in bins and boxes for that one shirt you just can’t find!

Qty of Shirts Fold & Bag
Price includes folding the shirt, poly bag & size sticker.
25-99 $.95
100-199 $.75
200-499 $.65


Foil can be a great edition to your design! It can add shine and texture and can be a great accent. Standard foil colors are gold, silver, red, blue and green. Foil is applied by first adhering ink or glue to you shirt and then sticking the foil to it. Foil is a very delicate process and cannot be guaranteed to be perfect. The shine will start to fade after the first wash. Also, expect some flaking. Foil is priced as at least a 1 color print plus the setup and price of foil stamp.

Qty of Shirts Foil Stamp
$35 setup fee per foil color
12-25 $3
26-50 $2.50
50-100 $2.25
101+ $2.00

Label Sew-On

Woven labels are one of the most prominent ways to display your logo consistently across many styles and designs on shirts. We can sew your label into the inner neck-line, on the outside of your sleeve and on the bottom hem of your shirt.

Style Sew-On/Pc
Woven label sew-on per piece. Please add 1 week to turn around time.
1 line stitch/bottom or sleeve $1.00
2-4 line stitch/bottom or sleeve $1.50
Re-label into inner neckline $1.50