Standard Ink Colors

Please choose any of these colors for your order free of charge.
**NOT SHOWN: Shimmer Gold and Silver and Fluorescent pink, yellow, red, pink, magenta, green

If you need a custom color, we can do a pantone match for $40

Pantone #’s of Standard Inks:
Primrose Yellow 107C
Lemon Yellow 109C
Chrome Yellow 123C
Golden Yellow 1235C
Orange 1655C
Vermillion Red 1797C
Scarlet Red 186C
Brite Red 187C
Cardinal Red 188C
Maroon 505C
Magenta 2612C
Pink 1765C
Fuchsia 2375C
Dusty Rose 672C
Rose Magenta 255C
Lite Pink 176C
Purple 2685C
Lilac 2563C
Violet 2695C
Brite Blue 2925C
Columbia Blue 646C
Mono Blue 2945C
Royal Blue 661C
Navy Blue 289C
Powder Blue 2975C
Turquoise 3125C
Peacock Blue 639C
Lime Green 361C
Brite Green 355C
Tahiti Green 335C
Kelly Green 342C
Chrome Green 350C
Lite Green 3375C
Khaki 466C
Sienna Brown 469C
Dark Brown 4975C
Gray 443C
Flesh 162C
Aqua 320C
Ultra Marine 072C
Lite Navy 5395C
Poly TVY-Red 194C
SG01D Gold 111C

Printed Tag / Inside Label Information

Please make your inside tags unique to your brand. Use this space to add your website, mission statement, logo, and anything else you can think of. Sky’s the limit!

Keep in mind:
-Do not make your words so tiny they will not be printable
-It is required by the US Government that the following information be included in all garments:

% of Material
Country of Origin (for the garment, not your brand)
Care Instructions

These are non-negotiable. We cannot list “Printed in the US” or “Processed in the US” instead of listing what country the shirt is manufactured in, it *must* have the country information on the garment. If you are unaware of the information needed for the shirts you are ordering, please leave your tag files editable and add place holders for the information. When you submit your artwork, please submit the editable tag file (PSD or AI) as well as the fonts used to create the tag. The fonts are very important as we cannot edit fonts we don’t have.

To find out more about these rules, please visit: